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The only freedom the people in the
United States of America still have
is the right to not care, and most
of the people are exercising that right
to it's fullest extent.














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It is our goal to provide people with information not found in the (MSM) main stream media. The type of information the wealthy elite, governments & corporate conglomerates would rather you never find. Continued below...



John Perkins was an Economic Hit Man.

This is a segment of an interview of him talking about the present Global Revolution.


UKIP Nigel Farage 2011 in Germany anti EU - pro Democracy - Part 1 of 3

   'The Euro Game Is Up! Who the hell do you think you are?' - Nigel Farage MEP


...continued from above.

 Information to help enhance your financial and physical well-being. And in general help people keep up with the 21st Century.

We would like to help you take more effective control of your own personal life and have a stronger influence on the course it takes.

Our purpose is to help people avoid being deceived.

It is our objective to be a reliable source and help filter out the massive amounts of misinformation provided by MSM.

Today we can be bombarded with information and the sad part is some of the most important or most beneficial information is never revealed to the so-called "General Populace".

Let us help you avoid the herd mentality.


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 Use what you learn here to better understand reality and the impact it and the main stream media will have on your own personal situation. 

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